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Frogg specialises in creating affordable WordPress Websites using Premium WordPress themes that are customised to meet your requirements. Whether it is a new website you want, or an improvement on your existing website, Frogg will work closely with you to develop a unique site that speaks to your target audience.

Frogg is run by freelance Tess Whitlie who has been building websites for 20 years. In the past 5 years Frogg has specialised mostly in building websites using the WordPress Platform. Frogg works closely with KaneDesigns, a talented Graphic Designer who is highly creative, studied multimedia in the United Kingdom, can create the look, feel and wow factor for your website.  Tess Whitlie knows a great deal about WordPress and WordPress functionality as well as plugins and SEO.

Frogg Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creation of customised banners for your site
  • E-Commerce
  • Creation of blog sites
  • Website Security
  • SEO via the Yoast Plugin
  • Social Media Integration
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Opt In Forms (Popups)
  • Linking to Networking websites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • E-Membership
  • Speakpipe with link to Mailchimp
  • Maintenance
  • Live Feeds RSS

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Updating your Theme

Updating your outdated Theme

Frogg can update your current theme into something more contemporary with no downtime!

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WordPress Housekeeping

Your website is up and your designer has handed it over to you. What now?  There are a couple of things about WordPress you should be aware of. The WordPress platform and plugins are being updated and streamlined on a continuous basis and once in a while (about once a...

Malicious Web Designers

Your web designer can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Frogg was approached by a young couple who are about to be married. They had approached their wedding invitation with insight by deciding to have an online wedding invitation. It is the stunning story...

 Updating WordPress Plugins

Would you keep driving your car when it has not been serviced? I have been told that I use technical language and that clients don’t understand what I am trying to tell them about the importance of doing their WordPress updates. So lets use a car as an example,...

Choosing a domain name that is right for your business.

Choosing a domain name A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare  When you choose a domain name, it should preferably be short and sweet, bearing in mind that you would like your clients to remember it – in...

Life of a freelancer

I believe in going with the flow; sometimes it’s more like a pfft – pfft and other times it’s a steady stream. Twenty or so years ago, when my children were small, I decided that; in order to be a better mom to my children as well as generate some...

What you need to supply to your web designer

Clients often do not know how to supply information for their websites and how the designer wants the information. is assuming that you, the client, has done your homework and know your market before you decided to order a website. Firstly, let’s go surfing…...

SEO the facts.

Is SEO dead? I recently read on a Facebook post that a customer was unhappy with the SEO on his WordPress site. This was his status: fukn hell, lotsa mind numbing ways to help your websites stand out here… welldone… SEO as a career is dead…...

Startups – Get your WordPress Website

There’s no place like ‘home’. — The Wizard of Oz (1939) Startups – Get your WordPress Website and Graphic Design, all in one place! As a small business owner, I appreciate the complications and pitfalls  that the entrepreneur faces. Remember this one...