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Let’s get real.

You need a WordPress website. You are on this site for one of a few reasons:

You want a WordPress CMS website and don’t have a clue on where to start.
I can help you. I offer comprehensive packages that include custom sliders, galleries, contact forms, once-off SEO and Search Engine listings that should get you up and running.
You have a WordPress website and now you want to get it up in the rankings.
So you are stuck on Search Engine Optimisation and don’t know where to start. I can offer once-off SEO and SEM that will kick in as long as your search terminology is right.
Your site was hacked and you don’t know where else to turn.
I have had success in sorting out quite a few of these. Just remember, sorting out a hacked site is not a simple process, and it is costly. Prevention is always better than a cure.
You need a brand new site
That is exciting! When do we start?
You have a WordPress website that you either installed yourself or got someone else to do and you are either unhappy or stuck.
There are many designers who know how to install WordPress and set up a website. Be careful, though, if your security is not implemented you will be hacked. Others start a job and run when they get error readings or can’t figure out the theme. Or you just don’t know what the hell you are doing anymore.
You want a cheap WordPress website, and have had quotes that set your mind reeling.
You have come to the right place. Although you may think that my prices are more than the cheapest quote you got, remember that my service is comprehensive. I do not charge you extra if I have to install a slider. (For that alone, you will be billed a couple of thousand rands…) It is called ‘itemised billing’, so although you think that you are getting a great deal, you may well be landed with a hefty bill at the end of the day.

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