Your web designer can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Frogg was approached by a young couple who are about to be married. They had approached their wedding invitation with insight by deciding to have an online wedding invitation. It is the stunning story about how they met with beautiful photographs of the couple, the venue, register list, bridal party list, instagram feed and online rsvp. They had a problem with the website and wanted my assistance. They paid for the hosting of their invitation as well as their domain name, but for some reason the web designer did not finish the website. With only just under 2 months to go to their big day, they needed the online rsvp and instagram live feed to work, as well as the photographs to be airbrushed and enhanced.  The web designer was not co-operating, although he had given them full administrative rights to the site. They could therefore edit their site but as they did not know how to do it, they want me to do it for them.

Bad attitude and unfair practice.

The couple were very unhappy with the designers service. He had dropped them with an 80% finished website. They asked me to finish it. I agreed. They asked me to delete his user status and install my own, which I did. Unbeknown to me, the domain name was actually owned by the web designer and although he gave them full administration rights, he was sent an automatic website email to say that I had created a new user. So he tried to login to the website. (We had changed the couples passwords. He then installed a backend administrator and deleted my profile. When I could not login, I thought it was a WordPress glitch, and logged in via the clients access. I started making the changes.

As I was changing items on the website, this web designer was deleting my changes and sabotaging the website. What I thought would be a quick edit to fix the website,  became a nightmare from hell. The client threatened the web designer with legal action and his response was: “It is my domain and I can do what I like with it.” 

When a web designer (even if he owns the domain), gives a client full administration rights and won’t permit the client to make the changes, it is not good business practice.  I felt sorry for the couple, as the additional stress added to the forthcoming marriage is totally unnecessary. What should be a beautiful day in someone’s life, becomes totally blemished by someone who is obviously so small minded.

Needless to say, the site is done. I have hopelessly underquoted, as I had to redo work up to 5 times before the web designer backed off. I just hope that the website remains live for the next 2 months so that Falone and Kyle can have a wonderful wedding.

I have since registered a domain name, and shall be putting up a wedding website. (It must be the romantic in me coming out…) Kanedesigns shall be doing the images and I shall be building both the front end website (the beautiful wedding offers intro website) and couples will be able to register subdomains such as as their personal domain names. We will build their websites at affordable rates and loads of interactivity, including online rsvp to their different functions, such as the stag party, bridal shower, wedding and reception events, which they call select and rsvp to attend online. There will be no need for printed invitations.