Wow I love it. It the best and I am sold. You are the best,and this is beginning of the long term relationship.

Phumlani Mzila

“In January this year Chris and Suzanne Styles, two acclaimed business coaches, introduced me to Tess Whitlie, a top web designer in Pretoria, to redesign my website. My website and business focus needed to be re-engineered from scratch and Tess did an amazing job with my site. Having been using a whole other web program, Tess introduced me to WordPress and how easy it is to use. If you want your website to be Amazing and eye catching, contact Tess. She’ll help you with a smile!”

Anita Engelbrecht - Photographer

This looks and feel absolutely fantastic.  I love it and so does Gerida.  We are very very happy and excited about the way that you have design it.  Can’t wait to get it published and start using it.
Pieter Booyens

“This time last week Chris and I were excitedly working on the SEO for our website. We were finally getting to grips with our website after the disappointment of what was eventually delivered to us by an errant international service provider. Seven hours into the project we were pretty satisfied with our efforts and we called it a night.

On Saturday morning we were greeted to a host of BlackBerry authentication notices for all our email accounts, and our website home page had a message “unable to find default page” across it. My first thoughts were “what had I done to mess this up?” In the back of my mind I was wrestling with two trains of thought, the first being “what had I done?” whilst the second thought was “I know I couldn’t have messed up that badly.” It was Sunday mid morning before it was confirmed to us that our Cloud server had been accessed using a legitimate password known only to the international service provider, and had been completely deleted. Our site was gone. Together with this we lost all the development work we’d had done for Bob Proctor’s tour to SA last year, our customised booking system, and an integrated social media platform for MasterMind Africa.

To say we felt violated and devastated is an understatement. Our loss is in the region of USD$64 000.00 / R 500 000.00 and like every small business this constitutes a significant material loss. In stepped Tess Whitlie who worked tirelessly from Sunday last week. She got us live late last night with a beautiful, more functional website than the one we had. I can highly recommend Tess’s work. Tess creates fabulous websites with full functionality. It gives me great pleasure to recommend someone who adds so much value, helping us in a period of absolute crisis. Tess has a real WIIFO [what’s in it for others] approach and her business should be rewarded for this.”

November 2, 2012

Chris Styles - Makesyouthink

“Not every experience in creating a wedding website goes smoothly. Myself and my Fiancé found ourselves with an incomplete website and a service provider who wasn’t prepared to complete it correctly. We managed to get a hold of Tess from Frogg WordPress and from the moment she made contact with us it was a pleasure. She showed the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Not only was she able to complete the half done website, but edited the pictures and made some fabulous and creative additions. All this work was done within 48 hours! She was only a phone call or an sms away and was very attentive to our needs. I would recommend her to anyone. She was more than amazing in the way that she treated us and we will always be grateful to her. Our wedding website was released without a hitch and we have since received glowing reviews. Thank you Tess Whitlie!”

Falone Mulumba

Wedding Invitation

MASS (Pty) Ltd was fortunate enough to ‘find” Tess Whitlie 18 months ago. Tess revamped our web-site, sorted out all our problems and has been successfully managing it for us ever since. I would very comfortably recommend her services to any prospective client.

John Loftus - CEO

“Tess is great at what she does and very conscientious about service to her clients. She has an amazing turnaround time and will always deliver excellent quality, giving you much more return for your investment.”

Eril Wiehahn - Design Tank

We are very happy with the site, it looks amazing.

Malcolm Keys-Transfeldt

Lectori Salutem


Doing work for a demanding organisation, and/or demanding individuals, is not an easy task. Despite having to deal with a number of different persons at the United Democratic Movement (UDM); Ms Whitlie kept her equilibrium and did not once waver in finishing the job as agreed. We commend Ms Whitlie for successfully completing the job with patience, grace and professionalism.

In addition, Ms Whitlie was (and still is) willing to assist the UDM in ways that was/is over and above the original agreement. She, for instance, helps when “something breaks”, or if one needs a quick lesson in some new-fangled aspect of the back-end of the site. Ms Whitlie is prepared to help as soon as she is available – a quick conversation via Skype does the trick.

We were impressed with her ability to work under pressure and her resolve. If one is in a crisis, Ms Whitlie attends to the problem as soon as she is able – she definitely is no procrastinator.

Ms Whitlie takes her work seriously and, painstakingly, develops some of the best WordPress sites around. A significant aspect of her work, which I appreciated, was her collaborative style.

She ensures that sites are visually attractive – in fact, exceeded our expectations. Ms Whitlie is a good, but firm teacher, which impressed me when I had become the pupil that had to learn the back-end functionalities and tools of our site.

Ms Whitlie rightfully takes pride in her work to produce brilliant end-products of which her customers can also be proud. We are indeed quite pleased with our new interactive website.

She is trustworthy. As an example, she needed the UDM’s logon details of our social media platforms to link those to our website – she with aplomb told me that once the links are in place, she deletes the info and has no further interest in it – I found Ms Whitlie’ attitude refreshing.

The mentioned qualities and work-ethic Ms Whitlie possess are rare in business these days. 

We recommend that any person, company or organisation, that are in the market for a new website, contacts Ms Whitlie. You shall not be disappointed in her or the quality of her work.’s prices are very reasonable and their sites great value for money.

For any further questions, please use the abovementioned contact information.

Jana Warffemius


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