Your website is up and your designer has handed it over to you. What now? 

There are a couple of things about WordPress you should be aware of. The WordPress platform and plugins are being updated and streamlined on a continuous basis and once in a while (about once a month), you should log into your dashboard with the username and password your designer gave you and do some housekeeping.

Here is a list of things you should do on a frequent basis in order to keep your website from being vulnerable to hacking as well as keep it running to its optimum.

  1. Upgrade your plugins : Plugins provide functionality and add ons to your website. Just click the ‘upgrade automatically’ link which you will find under the Administration>plugin panel.
  2. Delete old or unused plugins : Too many plugins clutter up your website and if they aren’t being used or deactivated, delete them.
  3. Unused or old images : You will find these under the ‘media’ link on the side panel of your dashboard.
  4. Update your theme : Themes need updating and can be found under Appearance>themes on the side panel. Update them when WordPress shows that it is necessary.
  5. Update your WordPress: Wordpress will tell you when there is an upgrade available. You will find this upgrade under Dashboard>home>updates.

If you are do not know how to optimise your database, ask your web designer to do it for you once in a while, especially if you are a keen blogger who keeps writing new blogs, and often delete old ones.

A clean site is a well functioning site!